At a Glance

Industry: Multi-family residences
Artwork: 200+ pieces with original artwork commissions, gallery walls, live moss, historical imagery, and antique art objects
Scope: 390 luxury units; 475,00 sq ft

The firm enlisted Boston Art, a local art consultant, to help the design team and client select artwork that combines the art and history of the local area with the lush finishes of a private home.

’We chose artwork with a lot of New England references, and a lot of it is actually kind of quirky and fun,’ Kubinski said. ‘Part of the moniker was a ‘made you look’ concept, where things aren’t quite what they seem until you look a little deeper. The artwork tells a story and weaves together through the whole building.’

The Bergmeyer team considered how the types of people living in The Kendrick would interact with the art. For example, the artwork appealed to a target market of empty nesters and older Needham residents, who have come to expect a level of finish and opulence in their houses. People who visited enjoyed experiencing the artistic element of the building, Kubinski said. Based on this success, the firm has replicated an art-forward approach in many of its other projects. ‘This approach has been successful because it allows you to get into the personality of the user,’ Kubinski said. ‘Each project has its own personality, customized for users and for the area where they live.’
— Tara Lerman, "When Designing A New Property, Think About The Who, The What And The Where," BISNOW, 1 Nov. 2018.