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At a Glance

Industry: Financial Services
Artwork: 70+ pieces; original artwork in all public areas
Scope: 2-floor office space

Non-corporate corporate

Boston Art was engaged to create a dynamic art program that embodies the client’s core values, enriching their work environment and highlighting themes connected to the client’s targeted industries. The process was unique and personalized, allowing the collection to be built holistically. Boston Art worked collaboratively through an art committee, as well as one-on-one with select Managing Directors, to replace an existing collection of traditional New England landscape paintings with cutting-edge photography, painting, wall sculpture, limited-edition prints, and interactive digital media by some of today’s top contemporary artists. Each selected piece echoes the client’s company mission of promoting and encouraging innovation, creative thinking, open-mindedness, and collaboration. The 70+ pieces of artwork drastically transformed the space from a corporate collection to a world-class visual representation of talent, excellence, and growth in their field.