Elevated Thinking: When global asset manager MFS Investment Management was transitioning to a new corporate headquarters in Boston, they engaged Boston Art to lead a comprehensive assessment of their extensive existing art collection and to supplement that collection with new works that would reflect the company's philosophy and culture. Boston Art took direction from members of the MFS executive team, who would ask for art that would elevate thinking of the more than 1,000 employees housed at the Boston headquarters. To achieve that goal, we first conducted an in-depth evaluation of the existing collection and auctioned a number of older pieces; proceeds from the auction were used to fund new purchases and commissions.

An Interactive Collection: To provide a sense of continuity, we helped MFS acquire a number of contemporary landscape paintings that reflected the Realist style of their legacy collection. We also commissioned a series of new original works, including a bronze sculpture of their redesigned logo. The firm's individual partners worked closely with us over the course of the effort and played an active role in choosing the art displayed in their offices.