Natural Beauty:  Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) enlisted Boston Art during the construction of its newest inpatient facility, the Lunder Building. Some of the medical instruments used for procedures at the new facility needed to be housed underground, requiring that four of the floors in the building be subterranean. Boston Art developed a theme of curated floral and landscape paintings featuring colorful, natural images that softened the high-tech environment and created a sense of open space despite a lack of windows. We extended the theme of natural imagery into the patient areas and waiting rooms on the aboveground floors while featuring more contemporary, abstract designs in areas designated for staff. 

Hidden Value: To help project a sense of cost-effectiveness, Boston Art specified that all paintings commissioned for the Lunder Building be executed on paper rather than canvas. We were able to leverage our extensive network of local and national artists, many of whom seldom work on paper, to provide MGH with a series of striking pieces that reflected the quality of care delivered at the new facility while remaining mindful of the client's budget.