Contemporary Vision: As part of their transition to a new corporate headquarters, an international insurance company engaged Boston Art to appraise their collection of more than 200 paintings, determine which pieces should migrate to the new building, and make recommendations regarding new pieces to supplement the legacy collection. The original collection, compiled during the 1960s and 1970s, featured works by a number of prominent artists from that era, including Robert Motherwell, Wolf Kahn, and Andy Warhol. The company agreed with our recommendation that the palette and style of certain pieces in the collection might be somewhat ill-suited to a 21st century corporate setting and sought our assistance in developing a more modern aesthetic. 

Sustainable Solutions: Boston Art focused on making refinements to the collection that would give it a more timeless feeling that would transcend trends or fads. Instead of situating their outmoded but valuable legacy works in high-traffic areas, we positioned those pieces in quieter, more secluded locations better suited to leisurely contemplation. Lobbies and main corridors were outfitted with new acquisitions that complemented the existing art collection and modern interior. We also helped maximize the company's art budget by acquiring and framing high-quality posters that integrated seamlessly with the client's canvases and original artworks. Upon completion of the installation at the new headquarters, we worked with the company's communications department to produce a catalogue of the collection, supported by a robust inventory management system.