Updating a Classic: The renowned architect Walter Gropius designed Harvard Law School's Harkness Commons in 1948, which make a striking contemporary statement on Harvard's highly traditional campus. More than 60 years later, Boston Art was asked to re-energize the building's interior, updating its art program in a way that would reflect the University's ongoing leadership in the 21st century. Foremost among the priorities of the program was the successful integration of new works with a large and valuable legacy piece - a 40-foot, clay-fired mural by the Spanish artist Joan Miro. To balance the valuable Miro, we acquired a mixed-media textural work by a local artist the complemented the style and color palette of the larger work without competing for the viewer's attention. 

Thinking Big Picture: We brought the same level of sophistication and thoughtfulness to a recreational common area on the building's second floor. Our consultant noted that the windows in the room provided a clear view of the room's interior to pedestrians using the heavily trafficked quadrangle outside. Based on this realization, we selected large, striking abstract pieces that would be appreciated both by viewers in the room ans passersby. For a more secluded study space, we chose photographs of richly colored pastels that would bring a splash of color to the room's stark white walls and help inspire reflection and creativity.